Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bookish and Blogging Goals for 2017!

If you have not seen my Review post for my Bookish Goals for 2016 - i link it here

But to sum it up?

I failed. 

So lets give this whole Bookish Goal thing one more try, shall we!

Once again lets list 10 things i would really like to accomplish during the year: 

1. Read through Europe

This is a Goal i want to do because i want to stop reading so many US based books. 
Last year i simply made it my Goal to not read as many US based books. And that didn't really work for some reason. 
So i am being more specific!
I want to read lots of European based books. 
I am not yet sure if i am making it the goal of reading more books from European AUTHORs or simply making it about books being SET in Europe. 
Maybe a combination of both? Maybe see how easy i can find European based books from European Authors?

As i said not sure yet. 
I just want to stop reading mostly about a country that i never even been to and most likely will not be visiting in the foreseeable future! 

Lets hope this more specific plan works better for me!
And if you have European based book recommendations?
Feel more then free to share, please!

2. Read 200 books in total

I down graded the number a bit, but i still want it to be a bit of a challenge, because if not then i will just start to read less and less instead of more. Not sure how that works exactly, but something in me works better if i have a still reachable but pretty high book total to reach towards. 

3. Participate in Read-a-thons

I had this on my 2016 list as well but with a number. 

I didn't want to pressure myself into a specific amount this year, because i have no idea how i will feel in 2017 and what its really possible for me. 
So instead of putting a specific amount of Read-a-thons i want to participate in i just want to participate in some, any number will do. 
If i do 1? Great!
If i do 12? Fantastic!
But any and all participations are better then non. 

I also really want to actually participate in them. 
Maybe Vlog them. 
Or take part in some social media aspects of them. 
I have to see how i feel but i hope to do some of that this year as well. 

4. Read Classics

Once again a Goal i had in 2016, and once again this time without a number attached. 
I just want to finally get really back into reading and enjoying my Classics. So I will be doingg that in 2017. Without pressure or the constant voice in my head that i have to read a classic this month/week/day to complete the number i set for myself. 

Simply reading and enjoying as many classics as i feel like. 

5. Re-read more books

This goal is the last Goal i take over from 2016. 
But it is one i want to really work at this year. 

I LOVE re-reading. 
I love re-experiencing a book and noticing things i didn't the first time for what ever reason. 
I also just enjoying re-visiting something already familiar. 

Added bonus if i can let a few books go because i no longer enjoy them after re-reading them and make a bit of space in my shelves for something different. 

Or if i re-discover an old favourite of mine that i more or less forgot about because i haven't re-read it in years and years. 

6. Request less Review books

Now that one is specific!

I never just requested everything that looked just a tiny bit interested. I always was a bit picky in what books i requested. 
But i was surprised how fast the review books stacked up because i never expected to get so many books that i requested!
So i have a big backlog of review books i want to finally get to this year!

And until i actually have a very manageable amount of review books in stock, i only want to request a few of books i really can't wait to read each months and if i do get them? 
I have to read them as soon as possible so that i don't add to the stack. 
Also if i really want to read a book that should be no problem at all, right?

If i manage to lower my Review book stack to a good number and the year isn't over yet?
Great. This goal is completed and i can go back to requesting all the books i want. 
But nobody gets anything from me getting a huge amount of ARCs and not getting to them until months and months after i get them!

7. Read a good mixture of different genres and don't get sucked into one specific one

I tend to get tunnel visions when I really start to enjoy a specific genre and just want to read ALL THE BOOKS! 

That is both good and bad.
Because lets be honest, getting sucked into something new is always great, ALWAYS!
But after 20 or so books one genre tents to start to get a bit repetitive. 
Understandably so. 
You can only have so many different things happen in ONE Genre. There is a reason there are so many different ones!

So instead of just reading a specific genre until i get bored with it. 
I want to switch back and worth between different things and not have the overload happen that i had happen in 2016!

8. Re-Read Harry Potter!

It could be said that this is a goal already mentioned with the "Re-Read more" goal already mentioned. 

BUT i started to re-read Potter in german in December for the first time in over 10 years. I am currently a 1/3 in the 4th book. 
And i am loving it!
I am having the best time slowly re-reading through the books i experienced the wonders of Harry Potter the very first time with. 

And i want to continue that slow re-read through all 7 books (the 7th i never read in German before and bought in December and can not wait it now!) in German. And then if i want to do the entire thing again in English just for the heck of it. 

I always have a hard time stopping the re-reading after the first go around because i just miss i the world way to much. But we'll see how i feel after the German read through and what i feel like doing after that. 
But for now i just want to read the entire Harry Potter series again and not have any other books come in between that Goal!

9. Complete two Reading Challenges

I am thinking about combining my "Read through Europe" Goal with the "European Reading Challenge 2017" since it is basically the same thing and it is a very easy going challenge where you don't HAVE to read something from every country listed as a European one in the challenge, but rather it is one of those challenges where if you read one book that fits? You did good. 

Of course i wouldn't want to read not only one book, but combining two goals in a such a way surely increases my chances of actually accomplishing at least one of them, right?
Lets hope so!

I am not yet sure what other challenge i want to do. 
There are so many options. 
And i am not sure yet if i want to do a year long one, or something shorter since i do already want to read mostly European country based books through the year i am not sure it is a good idea to combine that list with another list of books that i have to read... seems a bit unrealistic if i am thinking back on my reading in 2016... 

As of yet?
Not sure what the second challenge is going to be. But it is the first January! I still have a bit of time. 
I want to be sure what i am doing in the middle of january to not get too far behind something if i decide to do something year long. 

If you have a favourite reading challenge, please feel free to let me know I would love to see more options!

Last and most importantly:

10. Read and REVIEW! at least a couple of books throughout the year 2017!

This is the easiest and most important goal and is both a Bookish Goal and a Blogging Goal. 
Because i finally want to catch up on all the reviews i did not do throughout 2016 and review the new books i am reading in 2017. 

And while i would love to complete and will try my best to complete the other Goals throughout the year, i honestly just want to read some books. 
I am learning to understand that i can't force my body to do what i would LOVE to do, but have to accept that i sometimes have to slow done for a good few weeks/months before i can actually start doing what i want again. 
And that is fine. 

So as the last and most important goal for 2017 regarding my reading? 
I just want to read. 
No matter how much, or what or where the book takes place. 
If i only manage to re-read Harry Potter throughout the year?

If i have the wonderful time i am currently having reading it while doing that?
I will be very happy -even if i will be a bit disappointed by not accomplishing a bit more. 

But i am trying to accept that not everything works out as you plan to. And sometimes plans are just that. Things you want to do, not what you are actually doing. 

And honestly?
I just want one Goal on here i KNOW i can complete without problems! Because it is nice to make a little checkmark next to a Goal!

Alright after that ramble..... 

Lets move on too the two other Blogging/Vlogging Goals i have and hope to accomplish!

1. Post regularly

I want to finally get into a regular posting schedule and hope to do at least two blog posts and videos every week this year. 
If i do only one i keep pushing it back -since that was the 2016 plan and that clearly did NOT work!- but two? I have to do at least one early on in the week!

And i want to prep a good amount of posts and pre-film a few videos to have in case i get to ill to do much again and hopefully will not fall completely of the wagon again with that. 

So with that in mind, if anyone is reading this?
And you have a wish to see on my blog or if you watch a Booktube video from me, and want something specific on there?
Please let me know and i will put it in the schedule i am currently working out and plan to set into action tomorrow (we'll see how that is going to go!)

2. Start to have connections with other people from the Book-world in the Inter-webs!

I always tell myself i will start to comment more, maybe even try to work with someone else -another book blogger or Booktuber- and make up a little read-a-thon or start a tag together or something. Do something to actually get to know at least one other person from this community. 

And while some years start out pretty well -last year for example i did pretty well with this goal for the first couple of weeks and then that flopped rather spectacularly!- but this year i really want to try and finally get in contact with people that understand the love for books and read the same language as i read most my books in!

I really hope i can get my shyness under control and actually do this this year. 
But we'll see i guess. 

Alright... this is it!

All my loftly and most likely way to ambitious Goals regarding Books and Blogging/Filming for 2017!

I would love to hear what Goals you have. 

If you have lots of Reading challenges lined up, if you have no plan at all this year or every book mapped out already!

Let me know, let's chat in the comments!

Write more later..... 

Review: 2016 Reading Goals

It would have been fantastic to write this post and be able to say: 

I can't. (I still used the GIF because LOKI! And come on! You should start a new year with Loki shooting success!)

Because i utterly failed at all the Goals i sat for myself for 2016! (If you want a refresher of what i wanted to do - here is the link to that post!)

Its fine. 

I at least found the perfect GIF for how i am currently feeling. And how cool is that?

I do know exactly why i failed rather spectacularly in all my 2016 goals!

I had one of the worst health years in 2016. 

My illness really - REALLY - flared up and couldn't be beaten into submission. 

Needles to say i am proud of what i actually managed to do with what i had to work with health wise. 

BUT I didn't get much of anything done other then trying to stay alive. 

But hey that something right?

I am not here to blab about my illness but rather show how nicely i failed in goal completion. 

Instead lets talk about failed goal, shall we?

1. Read 240 books. 
Yeah no. I got close. 
I read 232 books
Which lets be honest. Is pretty fantastic! 
So i nearly -SOOO close! Darn it!- completed that one but you know... pretty close is still not completed

2. Read less USA centred books
That didn't work out!
I read over 170 books set in the USA
So clearly i read over half of the book i read in total that were set or at least based around the USA. 
Which is just sad. 
And clearly and UTTER FAIL!
But i am having a specific challenge/goal set for that for 2017 to hopefully chance that!

3. Read at least 12 classics
Can you say FAIL?
Because yeah that did NOT happen at all. 
I read 6. 
Which is okay. But not what i wanted to achieve. And now i am horrendously behind on my "Classics Club Book challenge". 
I love how one failed thing can set a whole lot of other goals into the fail or "behind on" list as well!

4. Participate in 12 Readathons
Another FAIL
I think i did 6? 
I can honestly say i have no idea and i don't want to look it up, i only know i completely failed this thing because even in the challenges i actually participated in? I really had a bad reading track record because the before mentioned bad health thing. 
So this goal didn't work in 2016. Sadly. I really enjoy readathons. Just apprently not in 2016. 

5. Re-read more books. 
See a trend? ;)
I did re-read a bit. I did re-read a few Harry Potter books. I also re-read one other book. But i didn't even manage to completely re-read the entire Potter series and nowhere near making a dent in my "Re-Read list". 
Yeah, fail!

6. Read/Finish/Caught up on series
I forgot about this goal.
I did finish the series i started and that are finished -other then two- so that is good. But i didn't make much of a dent into series that are still ongoing and i could have at least get caught up to the point of waiting for the next book to be published!
So clearly FAIL

7. Read at least 4 review books each month
This kind of worked. 
And kind of didn't. 
I did read and reviewed 41 Review books in 2016
So i almost got to the number i wanted. 
BUT there was not even an ounce of consistency in my Review reading and since that was what i wanted i clearly didn't accomplish what I wanted.   

8. Read a good amount of Historical Fiction
Another kind of but not really thing. 
I did read maybe 9 or 10 Historical Fiction books. 
So clearly i didn't fail
But i also didn't really read "pure Historical Fiction" books as i wanted. 
Instead i read Steampunk Historical Fictions or Time Travel Historical Fictions. 
Which is fine. But not what i wanted to accomplish when i put this goal on my list. 
I will work on this in 2017. 

9. Read more Thrillers. 
 I actually did one!
I did read more thrillers!
Not a huge amount, but way more then in 2015 and previous years!
So lets count that as the only real win!

10. Having fun with it all
This kind of worked
But once again not really
Some months i really felt the pressure of having to read, having to do something. 
But because i felt rather horrendous i didn't and that made me feel even more pressure and bad about not reading. 
I did have fun with many of the books, and i did pick up what i wanted and didn't pressure myself into reading specific things at specific times just to read that -most of the time at least. 
I am still working on learning to just go with it and learning to accept that i am not healthy and having to find my normal and right way of life for myself. 
Its a journey or something... right?

Overall Review of 2016 for me?

At least the year is over. 

Lets all hope for a much better 2017, shall we?

Anyone wants to tell me how their reading year or general year of 2016 went?
All of us hoping for better and brighter things in 2017?
Or is there actually a person that had a fantastic 2016? because someone had to have had one somewhere right?

lets talk about it. 
Lets chat :)

Write more later..... 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday: To Capture What we cannot keep

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted over at Breaking the Spine, so head over there to join in or see what it is all about :)

To Capture what we cannot keep 

Written by: Beatrice Colin
Publisher: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 1250071445
Release Date: November 29th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fiction, Historical Fiction, France, European fiction, European literature, French literature, 19th century literature, romance
Pages: 304 (Hardcover)
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"In February 1887, Caitriona wallace and émile Nouguier meet in a hot air balloon, floating high above Paris, France - a moment of pure possibility. But back on firm ground, their vastly different social strata become clear. Cait is a window who because of her precarious financial situation is forced to chaperone two wealthy Scottish charges. Smiles expected to take on the bourgeois stability of his family's business and choose a suitable wife. As the Eiffel Tower rises, a marvel of steel and air and light, the subject of extreme controversy and a symbol of the future, Cait and Emile must decide what their love is worth."

Why i am waiting.... 

This book is set during the time the Eiffel Tower is constructed. And who doesn't love reading about such an interesting historical time?

And as you guys might have noticed i am a sucker for any kind of Historical Fiction especially those set in Europe and not during World War 2! Not that i really say no to anything set during World War 2, but i do love European historical fiction that is NOT set during that time. 

I also love the cover, so there is that!

What are you guys waiting on this Wednesday?

Have you heard about this book?

Let me know in the comments, lets chat!

Write more later.... 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday: The Beautiful Dead

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted over at Breaking the Spine, so head over there to join in or see what it is all about :)

The Beautiful Dead

Written by: Belinda Bauer
Publisher: Bantam Press
ISBN: 0593075528
Release Date: November 17th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, mystery, crime, 
Pages: 343 (Hardcover)
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"There's no safety in numbers....Eve Singer needs death. With her career as a TV crime reporter flagging, she'll do anything to satisfy her ghoulish audience. 
The killer needs death too. He even advertises his macabre public performances, where he hopes to show the whole world the beauty of dying. 
When he contacts Eve, she welcomes the chance to be first with the news from every gory scene. Until she realizes that the killer has two obsessions. 
One is public murder. And the other one is her...." 

Why i am waiting.... 

I love a good thriller and i am always on the search for a new thriller writer that i might love. 

I also love the idea of a crime reporter being the person that the murderer is fixated on, because i always asked myself if people like that get targeted by dangerous people simply because of their jobs!

So i am very excited and interested to see where the author takes this story and how she will tell it!

What are you guys waiting on this Wednesday?

Have you heard about this book?

Any one has any wonderful heartracing thrillers to recommend?

Let me know in the comments, lets chat!

Write more later.... 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday: From Sand and Ash

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted over at Breaking the Spine, so head over there to join in or see what it is all about :)

From Sand and Ash

Written by: Amy Harmon
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
ISBN: 1503939324
Release Date: December 1st, 2016 
Genres: Adult, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, World war 2, Italian literature, Italy, European setting
Pages: - (Paperback)
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"Italy, 1943 - Germany occupies much of the country, placing the Jewish population in grave danger during World War II. As children, Eva Rosselli and Angelo Bianco were raised like family but divided by circumstance and religion. As the years go by, the two find themselves falling in love. But the church calls to Angelo and, despite his deep feelings for Eva, he chooses the priesthood. 
Now, more then a decade later, Angelo is a Catholic priest and Eva is a woman with nowhere to turn. With the Gestapo closing in, Angelo hides Eva within the walls of a convent, where Eva discovers she is just one of many Jews being sheltered by the Catholic Church. 
But Eva can't quietly hide, waiting for deliverance, while Angelo risks everything to keep her safe. With her world at war and so many in need, Angelo and Eva face trail after trail, choice after agonizing choice, until fate and fortune finally collide, leaving them with the most difficult decision of all."

Why i am waiting.... 

I really enjoy different aspects of a World War 2 stories, that are not the typical front line or solider stories. But rather a "background" story, talking about the normal lives of people that had nothing to do with anything of the political sides that caused the wars.

I also think this books sounds interesting with the jews and catholic church aspects, and seeing how the author combines the two different religions, if she will try to make the catholic church the "big saver" (as i sadly read about way to often) or just be a helpful hand. 

And you can never read enough historical fictions in my opinion! 

What are you guys waiting on this Wednesday?

Have you heard about this book?

Have a great Historical fiction to recommend? 

Let me know in the comments, lets chat!

Write more later.... 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Scary Books in my future!

I have read a lot of books that people say are scary and i read them and didn't see it.... 

But here is to hoping for a better track record in the future!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at, so clearly not my idea!

This weeks TTT is all about scary books -or prep for Halloween actually but i picked scary books. Because i am certainly not going to talk about costumes or anything like that!

I also as i already said, don't really have any good recommendations since most "scary" books i read were mostly just boring to me and not scary at all! So instead i am showing my scary book TBR. 

It is kind of funny that books and movies really don't scare me anymore. 

Because in real life?

I jump so easily my mother and i joked that i could easily be on one of those funny home videos!

I mean i don't scream, but i jump or punch or kick out like a crazy person when a get scared by something. 

And let me tell you something, suddenly having a very loud barking dog appear basically next to you in something that i swear to you is dog magic! while you are minding your own business on a walk with your own dog? That would scare you too. 

I am sure. I hope so. Or maybe i am just very easily frightened in real life. 

Anyways... not the topic of this post. 

I am not easily spooked with books. So I have a really hard time finding good scary or horror books. 

But i do have list. 

that i hope to get too very soon. 


Also if you read any of those and have recommendations or ideas based on them or just in general have a good scary/horror book to recommend?

There is a comment section on this post for a reason ;)

1. It by Stephen King

I can not believe that i still have not read this yet. 

I really can't. 

Not only is he one of my all time favorites, he is also the author i am reading the longest and most books from. 

But i have read this very well talked about book yet!

I don't understand it. 
I am not going to read it for the rest of this month either. Or next month. Because i have different books planned. And this one just keeps slipping father and father down on my TBR pile. 

I will get to it. In the future, i know i will. 

There might also be the thing that i actually do hate clowns. I don't fear them. I just find it slightly creepy that people find it funny that an adult persons puts on a strange costume and behaves that strongly and overly friendly with strange children and see it as completely okay. Thats just creepy! 

Anyways! If you have read this and love it? Please let me know! Maybe i will decide to pick it up very soon if i get lots of "you have to read it right now!" comments. 

2. Dracula by Bram Stoker

This one is actually on my TBR for October. And i will get to it since i just got it last week and now i am going to read it. I will!

And i can not wait!

I love vampire books. 

I love dracula. NO matter how cheese or stupid he is in any way i ever heard or seen him mentioned or appear in. And so i can not wait to see how this original book is shaping up to what i know of him so far. 

By the way since i am sure you all are dying to know: my favorite Dracula moment was in Buffy Season 5 episode 1. I always love it when Xander gets turned into a mindless minion! And i just thought that the entire episode was just brilliant and very typical Buffy and if you have not seen it yet? Why the heck not? What are you waiting for? Go watch Buffy!

And i am going to be reading Dracula during this week. And quite possible re-watch the Buffy episode after. Just for fun and giggles. 

3. Cujo by Stephen King

Okay for this one i have a very specific reason why i have not yet read this specific King book yet!

I wanted to read this shortly before we got our first dog. 

And then i thought -you know what? Maybe not the best idea to read a book all about a monster dog when you are about to get your first real -not bird- animal experience in your life. Maybe you should wait a while to read that particular book. 

Made sense to me. 

I mean the dog was the cutest, nicest and best dog ever! (was because he died almost three years ago)

But then i kind of forgot about the book?

And only remembered it for this list?

I mean i didn't forget, forget, i just got distracted by all the other shiny-shiny books and ... well forgot about this one. who can blame me right?

Anyways.... i will read this soon. 

Since i am currently in the possession of a dog that might as well be called cujo since he has the same expecion that is features on the book cover at least three times a day. 

He is just a joy.... (Sadly i am not kidding about showing of the teeth, by the way)

4. Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

I first heard about this book through Gilmore Girls. 

But when i wanted to see what it was all about? I could not find it anywhere. I mean really, i tried but this was nowhere to be found in a language i could actually read at the time. 

And when i was able to read it in english?

I forgot about it. 

You might see a trend in this TBR list. And my might i mean you can even if you don't look for it!

I do want to still read this and see if it is a horror classic for a reason or not. I do hope i get to it someday. Maybe. 

5. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Or any Shirley Jackson book really, since it seems like a lot of her books are seen as horror/scary reads. And i never picked up anything by her so far. 

I do have a reason for not having read this yet as well. 

I have a horrible track record for "Haunted House" books. Or movies. Anything that has to do with haunted and houses really just ends very badly for me. 

And by that i mean that i find the books either horrendously boring, just stupid in general or not scary at all. Or a combination -which is the worse!

So i have not yet gathered up my nerves and be brave enough to actually give this book a try because of my really scary track record with this books topic. And yes thanks i worked hard to include this specific pun in into this post. Thanks for noticing!

6. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I am still not completely sure if this is really a horror book or not. If you know please let me know. 

But i want to read something by du Maurier so why not start with the one that i think might be the best known by her.... i could be wrong. don't quote me on that!

But i do think that the plot sounds interesting with a wife dying under mysterious circumstances and being a story that apparently makes even the reader paranoid. Who doesn't have lot?

I sure do. 

I will get to this. 

Soon. Someday. 

7. Something wicked this way comes by Ray Bradbury

I don't hear that many people talk about this book - or actually anyone. I never heard anyone talk about this aside from those lists that you see all over the internet with books that everyone should read for some reason or another. 

This book is always on every list if i am looking at anything horror, scary or sinister related. 

Which should mean something, right?

Also carnivals? Those do actually freak me out and i am not a fan of those kinds of festival things so this might actually be scary to me. Can't wait!

8. Heart-Shaped box by Joe Hill

Or really anything by this guy. 

And i did hear really good things about his book. 

Not necessary that this is one of those books that you read and then can't go to sleep without the light on for months after, but of the kind that it is a fantastic book and should be read even if you don't find it particularly scary. 

(if you read this and feel differently, please let me know!)

And sinde i want to start with Joe Hill, why not start with this one right?

9. The Ritual by Adam Nevill

Another book i hear very little about but somehow i keep running across anyways. 

And i do love books that take place in Sweden so why not read a book all about friends that get trapped a Swedish forest?

That certainly sounds like something scary if it is done right. 

And i never know if it is done right in my option if i don't read it. So i should just do that. 

10. Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

This is a relatively new release, that came out in 2014. 
And i wanted to read it since than. 

And guess what?
still haven't!

The only think i know about this is that it is about a monster that leaves strange crime scenes such as a human body fused together with that of a deer. And that is really all i know to want to read it. 

Because it sounds supernatural -clearly!- and strange and different and just horrendously enough that i might get a good chill out of it. 


This is it. 

My list of hopefully nice and scary books that i hope to get to in the next few years. 

As i said, please let me know if you have any books to recommend, i would love to have  a nice big list instead of just those ten!

Let me know, lets chat in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. 

Write more later....